DON TO DON: Trump Torches Lemon, Calls Him ‘The Dumbest Man on Television’

Former President Donald Trump is no fan of CNN anchor Don Lemon; Trump hit TRUTH Social to unload on the news anchor who was recently demoted to morning show status.

“A small step for television, a giant step for mankind,” Trump began. “Don Lemon, often called ‘the dumbest man on television’ having made even Lebron James look smart during their interview two years ago, has been FIRED from his prime time evening spot on CNN – extremely low ratings – and will be thrown into their ‘Death Valley’ morning show. I assume this means a BIG salary cut prior to his Complete & Total future firing from Ratings Challenged (to put it mildly!) CNN. Good luck Don, you’ll need it! MAGA!!!”

“They call me a ‘ratings machine.’ Don Lemon was also a ratings machine – in reverse. He killed ratings, ate them alive, and always will. If he interviewed Elvis, back from the dead, nobody would watch. Add him to the list of Joe Scarborough and his lovely, soothing bride. They are in the ‘can’ also, but now can compete against ‘the dumbest man on television.’ Should help them a lot!!!”

Lemon is set to lose his primetime slot, moving to co-host a new morning show for CNN.