DON TO DEMS: You ‘Disparaged the Vaccine’ and Wonder Why People Aren’t Taking it!

Former President Donald Trump has a newsflash for Democrats wondering why Americans are hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine: it’s your fault.

During an interview with Fox News, the former President recalls the long lines for vaccinations while he was in the Oval Office saying, “If you remember, when I was president, there were literally lines of people wanting to take it. Now, you have a different situation, and it’s very bad.” 

“Of course, they famously said, if Trump came up with it, I’ll never take it,” Trump said. “They disparaged the vaccine, and now they wonder why people aren’t wanting to take it?” 

“It’s a disgrace,” Trump added.

The former President also shared his thoughts on the recent vaccine mandates for businesses and federal employees handed down by the Biden administration.

“It shouldn’t be necessary.”

President Biden is enforcing mandatory vaccinations for all federal employees, in addition to mandatory vaccinations for all businesses that employ more than 100 workers.