DON ON BIDEN’S BORDER: ‘Utterly Depraved,’ He Sabotaged The Wall

Trump sees a huge weakness in the Biden admins border response – and he’s going after it.

In an opinion piece written for The Washington Times, former President Trump laid into Biden’s border policies, calling them “utterly depraved”.

“Biden has enacted the most radical open borders agenda imaginable. This is perhaps the first time in world history a nation has purposely and systematically dismantled its own defenses to invite millions of foreign migrants to enter its territory and break its law.”

But Trump’s biggest sticking point? The wall.

“Of all the vindictive, shocking, and self-defeating border security actions Joe Biden has taken, none surpasses his decision to stop the final completion of the wall,” said Trump

Illegal border crossings are hitting all-time highs – more than 180,000 in May of this year.