DO NOTHING DEMS: Pelosi Confirms Dems Will Take No Action on the Border Crisis

Outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has confirmed that Democrats plan on taking no action on America’s southern border despite crisis levels of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States.

Watch the video below:

“Should the administration extend Title 42?” Pelosi was asked during her weekly press briefing. “Do you think the border is secure enough to handle the possible influx in migrants that we could see?”

“To secure our border is our responsibility and we can always do more,” Pelosi responded. “But the courts have spoken on that subject. There’s nothing that’s going to be happening in this congress as we go out.”

The Biden administration is expecting the situation at the border to deteriorate in the coming weeks. According to Axios, the White House is preparing for the possibility of 14,000 migrant crossings per day, as title 42 officially comes to an end.

Illegal border crossings have surged in the past several weeks, an issue that will undoubtedly get worse when Title 42 expires. The crisis is getting so bad, Bill O’Reilly correctly notes below, the media is finally beginning to take notice.