‘DO NOT DISCUSS’: CRT Survey Given to Kids, Told Not to Discuss With Parents

The first rule of CRT is you do not talk about CRT.

According to The Daily Caller, “a fourth grade student in Minnesota was told not to tell her parents about an “equity survey” she and her classmates were instructed to take at school.”

The secretive CRT survey made the student very uncomfortable, but the worst part was being told to keep its contents hidden from her parents. The student’s mother appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the incident. [She] told the outlet she was very upset when she found out [her daughter] was told not to repeat any of the questions to me or any other adult in her life, The Daily Caller reports.

Ted Cruz blasted the school and CRT on Twitter:

“This is CRT:  An absolute abuse of power. No fourth grader should be asked by her school “not to repeat any of the questions [the school is asking] to [her mother] or any other adult in her life.”