DITCHING THE DEMS: Rep Joining GOP, ‘My Values No Longer In-step with the Democrat Party of Today’

Texas Representative Ryan Guillen is crossing the aisle as he’s finding less in common with his fellow Democrats.

“Something is happening in South Texas, Guillen said. “Many of us are waking up to the fact that the values in Washington D.C. are not our values in South Texas.”

“After much consideration and prayer with my family, I feel that my fiscally conservative, pro-business, and pro-life values are no longer in-step with the Democrat Party of today, and I am proudly running as a Republican to represent House District 31,” a statement from the former Democrat reads. 

According to the Daily Wire, “Guillen, who has been in the Texas legislature since 2003, has frequently been at odds with his party on key issues including abortion and gun rights. He supported a bill for constitutional carry in Texas and backed the Texas Heartbeat Act, a pro-life bill designed to ban abortions once a heartbeat could be detected.”

“Rep. Guillen has been a friend for many years, and I am proud to welcome him to the Republican Party,” Texas GOP Chairman Matt Rinaldi said in a statement.