DITCHING DEMS: GOP Makes Huge Gains With Black and Latino Voters in ‘Paradigm Shift,’ New Poll

According to a recent poll from The Wall Street Journal, Democrats are worried about significant gains the GOP is making with Black and Latino voters as the Democratic Party is losing support.

From Fox News:

GOP candidates found just 8% support from Black voters in the 2018 midterm elections, and former President Donald Trump got the same 8% level of support in 2020. Among Latinos, Democrats enjoyed a 31% lead in support over Republicans in 2018 and a 28% lead in 2020. Today, however, 17% of Black voters say they support Republicans, and Democrats lead among Latinos has shrunk to just 5 points, according to WSJ.

“I think that this could be a paradigm-shift election, where Republicans are not only making inroads with the Latino vote, but they’re now making inroads with the African-American vote,” John Anzalone, who served as President Biden’s top pollster in 2020, told the outlet.

The newfound support among U.S. minority groups is one reason Republicans are expected to take the House of Representatives on Election Day, if not the Senate as well.

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