DITCH MITCH: Trump Calls McConnell ‘Broken Old Crow’ and a ‘Loser,’ Bad for GOP

Former President Donlad Trump isn’t happy with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. In a recent statement released through his Save American PAC, Trump blasted McConnell on everything from the debt ceiling to infrastructure bill.

“Mitch McConnell, the Broken Old Crow, has just conceded, for absolutely nothing and for no reason, the powerful Debt Ceiling negotiating block, which was the Republicans’ first-class ticket for victory over the Democrats,” Trump says.

“He was afraid to play that card even though, without question, they would have completely FOLDED on the Build Back Worse Bill, which will destroy the fabric of our Country and virtually anything else that the Republicans wanted. It should have been used on the Unfrastructure Deal also,” Trump continues.

“Proudly, House Republicans voted 100% like true patriots (Kinzinger, in my mind, is not a Republican!). The Old Crow also allowed a breaking up of the filibuster, which allows Democrats now to establish precedent for changing the number of Justices on the Supreme Court and, perhaps most importantly of all, a so-called Voting Rights Bill, which will make it almost impossible for Republicans to get elected in the future.”

“He lost two seats in Georgia, didn’t fight for the presidency, and now gave away our most powerful negotiating tool —the Debt Ceiling. Other than fundraising, where he buys senatorial support, the Broken Old Crow is a loser, and very bad for the Republican Party!”