DISNEY’S DOWNFALL: House of Mouse Needs Cash, Re-releasing Old Movies After Recent Flops

Disney falling on hard times.

According to a report from the Daily Wire, the House of Mouse is planning to re-release some older movies in the wake of recent box office flops like Lightyear — a film that earned just $51 million during its three-day opening weekend.

“Disney is therefore re-releasing the Star Wars solo film ‘Rogue One,’ which debuted in 2016, as well as ‘Avatar,’ which debuted in 2009. ‘Andor,’ a spinoff series for the former flick, debuts on streaming platform Disney+ in the fall, while ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ debuts at the end of the year,” DW reports.

From The Daily Wire:

Disney’s most recent earnings report indicates that Americans may be rejecting the company’s foray into wokeness. Although Disney reported last Wednesday that total subscriptions for Disney+ increased from 87.6 million to 93.6 million during the third quarter of its current fiscal year, the vast majority of growth arose from international users, with only 100,000 new subscriptions coming from the domestic market. The latest figures represent a significant slowdown from the 1.5 million new domestic subscribers added by Disney during its fiscal second quarter.

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