DISGUSTING: NYT Piece Exposes Israel’s BRUTALITY for Trying to Defend Its People from Terrorist’s Rockets

An opinion piece published by the New York Times this week viciously attacks the State of Israel for defending itself from terrorist-rocket attacks; exploring how good parents can explain to their children the mental damage inflicted by IDF drones and fighter jets.

The story is titled “My Child Asks, ‘Can Israel Destroy Our Building if the Power Is Out?’”

“On Tuesday night, my wife, six children and I huddled in the living room of our apartment, the place least likely to take a stray hit from Israeli missiles or the debris they scatter. We were watching Al Jazeera’s livestreaming of Israeli warplanes’ imminent destruction of al-Jawharah (The Gem), one of Gaza’s largest buildings, when the power went out,” writes the author.

“On Wednesday night, after two hours of nonstop bombardment and Israeli missiles raining down all over the Strip — some landing just a few hundred meters away from our building — we finally managed to catch some sleep. The missiles shake the whole area for several seconds. Then you hear screams. Shouting. More screams. Whole families turn out onto the street. Our kids were all sat up in bed, shaking, saying nothing,” he adds.

“Our homes annoy the Israeli war machine, mock it, haunt it, even in the darkness. It can’t abide their existence. And, with American tax dollars and international immunity, Israel presumably will go on destroying our buildings until there is nothing left,” concludes the writer.

h/t New York Times