DISASTER JOE: Biden Tells Crowd at Historically Black College ‘You’re Just as Smart as Any College in America’

According to a New York Post report, President Biden told the crowd at a historically black college on Monday night that they were “just as smart” and “just as bright” as students at other schools as he delivered his final speech before the midterm elections in a deeply Democratic part of Maryland.

“HBCUs don’t have the endowments others have, but guess what? You’re just as smart, you’re just as bright, you’re just as good as any college in America,” Biden said.

Watch the clip below:

Biden also had another of his strange “don’t jump” moments, in which he appears to be talking a crowd member out of jumping from some great height.

“Hey, man, don’t jump. You look crazy enough to jump,” the president told a heckler.

Watch the clip below: