DIPLOMACY! National Security Advisor Won’t Call Taliban Enemy, Says ‘Hard to Label’

The Biden administration appears to be cozying up to the Taliban. 

After several reports of shared intelligence – including a list of U.S. citizens and allies supplied to the terror group – it now appears the White House doesn’t consider them an enemy. It’s ‘hard to put a label on it,’ according to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace – who also served as special assistant to President George W. Bush – tried to get an answer from Sullivan.

“What is the Taliban? Are they now our frenemy? Are they our adversary? Are they our enemy? Are they our — what are they?”

“Well, it’s hard to put a label on it, in part because we have yet to see what they are going to be now that they are in control, physical control of Afghanistan,” Sullivan replied.

“They will in the coming days, announce a government. That government is gonna go around seeking diplomatic engagement, even recognition from other countries, including the United States. In fact, the Taliban spokesman today said he was looking for positive relations on behalf of the Taliban, especially with the United States.”

The Taliban is a recognized terrorist organization by the Bureau of Counterterrorism.