DICTATE of the UNION: No Guests, Mandatory Masks, Negative Tests, Distancing at Biden’s Address

Officials in Washington released new guidelines this week for Members of Congress planning to attend Joe Biden’s State of the Union address; imposing mask mandates, proof of negative covid tests, and social distancing at all times.

“All members of Congress will be allowed to attend President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address, but they must follow Covid-19 health guidelines, including masking, or risk being tossed from the event and fined,” reports Blooomberg.

“A memo Thursday by House Sergeant at Arms William Walker lays out the rules for the March 1 address to a joint session of Congress, including limiting lawmakers to one non-transferable ticket and requiring they attest to negative Covid-19 results,” adds the financial news outlet.

There will be no guests allowed at any time. Other rules include:

  • Proof of ‘negative’ Covid status
  • Mandatory use of N95 or KN95 masks at all times
  • Proper social distancing.

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