DeSANTIS THE DESTROYER: Ron BLASTS Joe, Says Paying Illegal Immigrants ‘Damages’ a ‘Slap in the Face’ to Americans

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has a few thoughts on President Biden’s proposal to issue more than $450K in damages to illegal immigrant families who were separated at the border. Quite simply: it’s a slap in the face to hard working Americans.

“You’ve had all kinds of really bad policies throughout our country that has limited freedom,” DeSantis said. “And you’re going to turn around for that, and you’re going to do $475,000 for an individual that came illegally to this country?

“I’ve seen a lot in my day — I’ve seen a lot that’s happened over the last nine or ten months that I didn’t think I’d ever see — but this takes the cake,” he said. “If that is done, that is going to be a slap in the face to every hard-working American who works hard and plays by the rules.”

It would “be a slap in the face to people that have immigrated legally to this country.”

Watch Gov. DeSantis’ remarks below.