DeSANTIS STEPS UP: ‘I’m Proposing $1 Billion in Gas Tax Relief for Florida Families’

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) continues to buck Biden administration leadership and go his own way. This time, the governor is providing some much-needed relief for Floridians feeling the pain at the pump.

“There’s a whole bunch of things that go into the price of gas. There’s different taxes — federal, state, local level — we’re taking over 25 cents from Florida, and we will basically zero that out for as long as we can and do over $1 billion,” DeSantis says.

“We have surpluses. We have the ability to do what we need to do from a standpoint of infrastructure,” DeSantis added. “We have folks that are getting hammered by the rising gas prices, and so we’re here to do something about it. We look forward to be able to work through this with the legislature.”

According to Click Orlando, “Florida has deep financial reserves because of federal COVID-19 stimulus money, and DeSantis said the reduction in gas-tax revenue won’t hinder the state Department of Transportation’s annual road program.”

“We’re doing infrastructure, not just roads, including roads, also the water resources, all that,” DeSantis says. “We probably have never had such strong reserves in the history of the state. So, we have the ability to provide relief for people, and I don’t think we’re going to miss a beat.”