DeSANTIS STANDS UP: Florida Gov Unveils ‘Stop WOKE Act’ to Protect American ‘Society and Culture’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled the ‘Stop WOKE Act’ Wednesday morning to help protect American “society and culture” from radical progressives who “tear at the fabric” of the country.

“The rise of thie Woke ideology is an attempt to de-legitimize our history… I view the Wokeness as a form of cultural Marxism… They really want to tear at the fabric of our society and our culture. Things we’ve taken for granted,” said DeSantis.

“When you see these things throughout the country, that is an attempt to erase history. They want to de-legitimize the founding of the country. They want to replace it with a militant form of Leftism,” he added.

Watch DeSantis’ comments above.