DeSANTIS ON FIRE: Watch FLA Gov. Blast Dems for Mask Hypocrisy in New Video

During a recent press event on cybersecurity held at the University of South Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis told students they could remove their masks, blasting “COVID theater” in the process. Some students removed them, some kept them on —DeSantis told them it was their choice.

And the liberal media absolutely flipped out.

“What a punk a– move to get loud with kids who aren’t in a position to tell you to f–k off,” CNN+ host Jemele Hill wrote.

Far-left MSNBC host Joy Reid asked, “If Florida is so “free,” why does @GovRonDeSantisthink he has the right to bully and give orders to other people’s kids?”

“I would have had to instruct my kids that DeSantis is one of those exceptions to treating adults with respect. They would have had my permission to tell him to f—k off and to keep their masks right whew they were,” Reid wrote in a separate tweet.

The Miami Herald declared, “In rant against students wearing masks, DeSantis channels his inner Karen.”

Well, DeSantis fired back, blasting dems for mask hypocrisy. Watch the video below: