DeSANTIS MOVES ON DISNEY: New Plan Strips Theme Parks of ‘Self-Governing Power’

A plan endorsed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was published on the Osceola County website this week that would strip the Disney Corporation of “self-governing status” at its Orlando theme parks.

“The corporate kingdom has come to an end,” DeSantis’ communications director, Taryn Fenske, told Fox News. “Under the proposed legislation, Disney will no longer control its own government, will live under the same laws as everyone else, will be responsible for their outstanding debts, and will pay their fair share of taxes.”

“Imposing a state-controlled board will also ensure that Orange County cannot use this issue as a pretext to raise taxes on Orange County residents,” she added.

“The governor is doing exactly what he said he would,” DeSanis’ former chief of staff explained. “Disney can no longer have its own government and own taxing authority, and Disney — not taxpayers — will have to be responsible for any financial consequences.”

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