DeSANTIS MAKES HIS MOVE: The Florida Gov. Heads to Utah for Meeting With Mega-Donors

According to a report from CNBC, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be signaling he’s ready to make a run at the White House; DeSantis is reportedly holding a private meeting with mega-donors this month.

The private fundraiser is likely to draw some of the wealthiest GOP backers in the country; and while DeSantis is up for re-election this year, the fact that he’s holding the event in Utah may have implications beyond the Sunshine State.

From CNBC:

The state is known to be a GOP stronghold; Utah voters have picked a Republican for president in each of the past six elections. Former President Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in the state by 20 percentage points in 2020.

Carson Jorgensen, chairman of the Utah Republican Party, said the state party isn’t co-hosting the event, but it will likely send someone to what’s expected to include breakfast and lunch with DeSantis. He noted the event is privately hosted and closed to the press.

“We just want to see more events done in the state supporting great candidates across the country,” Jorgensen said in a text message. 

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