DeSANTIS DOLLARS: Ron Rakes in Huge Piles of Cash from Former Trump Donors Ahead of November

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has pulled in millions of dollars to fund his November re-election bid —and a lot of the cash has been coming from former Trump donors. A Politico analysis found that 10 former Trump donors have already dumped $3.4 million dollars on DeSantis.

From The New York Post

The analysis found that many of the high-profile donors had never contributed in state-level Florida elections. Those who had provided funds to the Sunshine State massively increased their dollar donations. 

Specifically, some of the donors include William Buckley, who has given the governor $1 million since DeSantis’ 2018 campaign; Richard Uihlein, who supported DeSantis with a $1.2 million donation this year, drastically up from the $700,000 he contributed in 2018; Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus, who has donated $500,000; as well as Steven Witkoff and Willis Johnson, who have contributed $100,000 each. 

Multiple donors who backed Trump heavily in 2020 — including Kelcy Warren, Larry Garatoni and Geoffrey Palmer — have also donated to DeSantis in this past year in amounts ranging from $20,000 to $50,000, according to the Sunday report. 

DeSantis has already raised $100 million dollars in this election cycle so far.