DeSANTIS DEFIANT: ‘You Cannot Have a Ministry of Truth in this Country’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is joining the growing chorus of conservatives blasting the Biden Administrations’s recently-announced Disinformation Governance Board. Prominent GOP members are calling the move “Orwellian.” Governor DeSantis has vowed to fight back in Florida.

DeSantis made a statement at a recent infrastructure event.

“Our entire principles that the country was founded on —you cannot have a ministry of truth in this country. So let’s get real here, let’s make sure that we’re doing things to benefit Floridians and Americans. We’re not going to let Biden get away with this one so we will be fighting back.”

DeSantis also shared the clip on Twitter, saying “The Biden Administration’s creation of a “disinformation” bureau within DHS is effectively a Ministry of Truth that is alien to our constitutional tradition. Florida rejects Biden’s attempt to enforce regime-approved narratives and to stifle dissent.”