DeSANTIS DEFIANT: ‘We Will Not Let Them Lock You Down’ Because of Omicron Variant

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) will not be shutting down the Sunshine State anytime soon. In fact, his plan is to fight back against any restrictions or penalties from the federal government.

“In Florida, we will not let them lock you down, we will not let them take your jobs, we will not let them harm your businesses, we will not let them close your schools,” DeSantis said.

“We have to take a step back and acknowledge that those travel extreme restrictions just didn’t work, the virus had already spread,” DeSantis said, referencing the Delta variant travel bans.  “So whatever this variant is, the fact that you identify some in Southern Africa, that does not mean that it’s not in any corner of the globe. It’s an airborne respiratory virus. So I think those restrictions are not going to work.”

“If you look at Florida, we’ve had the lowest COVID in the country for over a month now and one of the lowest for quite a while,” DeSantis added.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, Florida is reporting the lowest amount of COVID-19 cases per capita. This data is supported by the steady decline in positive statewide COVID tests, from 8.4% on Sept. 29 to just 2.6% on Nov. 19.