DeSANTIS DEFENDS MUSK ON UKRAINE: ‘Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has stepped in to defend SpaceX billionaire and world’s richest man Elon Musk after Ukrainian officials have been publicly hostile toward tech billionaire.

“The news comes as SpaceX, a company that Musk founded and where he serves as CEO, recently told the Pentagon that it needed to be compensated for tens of millions of dollars per month to continue operating Starlink satellites over Ukraine, which provide the country’s military the ability to communicate in their war against the Russians. Musk later reversed course after public backlash and said that he would continue funding Ukraine despite losing money,” The Daily Wire reports.

“Elon Musk positioned his satellites over Ukraine and gave them these things,” DeSantis said at a press conference on Monday. “So, they’ve actually been using his devices to be able to defend their country, and I guess some of the people in the, in the government were attacking Musk.”

“And I’m just thinking to myself, ‘like he’s doing this for free, don’t bite the hand that feeds you!’ Good lord,” DeSantis continued. “I mean, have a little bit —, so, but I think there was like kind of that kerfuffle … but he has provided that for them for free.”

“And if you think about it in a country that big, given what’s going on, I mean, that’s tens of millions of dollars that he’s effectively donated,” DeSantis added.

Watch the clip below: