DeSANTIS BETS BIG ON BLUE: Florida to Offer Incentives and Bonuses to Law Enforcement Professionals

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) wants more law enforcement professionals to consider Florida for their vocation destination; DeSantis has announced big bonuses and incentives for correctional officers.

“As so many cities and states choose to disrespect, degrade and defund the work of law enforcement, we want Florida to continue valuing our men and women of law enforcement today, tomorrow, and for generations to come,” DeSantis said.

The “Defund the Police” movement has become incredibly unpopular nationwide, as murders and violent crimes spiked in many major American cities. The FBI reported a 30% increase in murders in 2020, alone.

According to the Washington Examiner, “As of Nov. 17, all new correctional officers will receive a $3,000 new hire bonus, according to the release. Bonuses of an additional $1,000 will also be given to both officers joining high vacancy positions and those who are certified applicants.”