DeSANTIS 2024? Ron Continues to Rise; Tells Conservatives to ‘Have a Backbone’

Ron DeSantis is starting to sound presidential.

In his speech to Alliance Defending Freedom on Thursday, DeSantis dropped some harsh truths on his own party. According to The Daily Wire, “In his speech, DeSantis demanded that conservatives weather hostility from the culture and the media.”

“[A]cademia, corporate media, big tech, big business – all of them adopt in various degrees a leftist, woke perspective in terms of what they want to see,” DeSantis told the crowd. “Most of them are entirely hostile to any type of conservative values or traditional principles. That’s just for sure. So, you know that going in.”

“That’s what the battlefield looks like and if you stand up for the truth, you’re going to face the wrath of these institutions in many respects,” he added. “The media will almost assuredly try to smear you, Big Tech may censor you, and big business may even try to boycott you, boycott your state, boycott your jurisdiction, but that’s what you have to be willing to put up with.”

Conservatives, he added, have to “have the backbone and the wherewithal to be willing to stand for those right things when the going gets tough when the lights get hot when people are throwing stuff at you and are trying to smear you. That is really where I think the rubber meets the road.”

Watch the Governor’s Speech to the ADF.