DEMS DUMP JOE: Poll Shows Biden LOSING to Pete Buttigieg in New Hampshire

A new survey from the University of New Hampshire shows Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg beating Joe Biden in a potential primary head-to-head contest.

17% of NH voters would support Buttigieg, compared to 16% who back Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren finishes the top three with 10%.

The survey comes President Biden continues to struggle with the COVID-19 virus.

From the White House Physician:

President Biden completed his five-day course of PAXLOVID last night. His symptoms have now almost completely resolved. His pulse, blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature remain absolutely normal. His oxygen saturation continues to be excellent on room air.

His lungs remain clear.

The President now feels well enough to resume his physical exercise regimen.

The President will continue isolation today, as his “Day Five”. As I’ve stated previously, the President continues to be very specifically conscientious to protect any of the Executive Residence, White House, Secret Service and other staff whose duties require any (albeit socially distanced) proximity to him.

As promised, I will keep your office updated with any changes in his condition or treatment plan.