DEMS CAVE: Biden FINALLY Answers the Call; Will Help Pro-Democracy Protestors in Cuba

He took his sweet time.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, President Biden will announce new sanctions against Cuban officials for human rights violations. He will also restore internet access for pro-democracy protestors.

“The moves represent the first steps taken by the Biden administration to apply pressure to Havana amid growing calls from the Cuban-American community and lawmakers to show greater support for protesters,” The Daily Mail reports.

“We are going to focus on applying hard-hitting sanctions on regime officials responsible for the brutal crackdown,” said State Department official Julie Chung. “Cuban officials responsible for violence, repression, & human rights violations against peaceful protestors in Cuba must be held accountable.”

Prominent GOP members have been asking the Biden administration to intervene. During last night’s Fox town hall, Gov. Ron DeSantis told Biden to, “step up and be on the side of freedom.”