Democrats are using Greene’s anti-Semitic remarks to distract from Biden’s lies | Steve Berman

The latest shoe to drop out of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green’s closet, which boasts a collection that would put Imelda Marcos to shame, is that her anti-Semitic remarks may get her removed from committee assignments, as Democrats wants a scalp, and Republicans fall silent.

From pundits and elected Republicans, I hear this refrain over and over again: how did she get elected? Everyone claims that it happened in an information desert, that nobody was aware of her comments and her views.

It’s like the Washington Post repeatedly publishing junk opinion pieces, like the one trying to link Harriett Tubman on a $20 bill with lifting the military’s transgender ban, leading to “It’s a hard time for conservatives.” What? As Steve Krakauer asks: How did that get published? If you ask editors, they’ll shrug and say they weren’t aware the writer never did research, yada, yada.

The truth is, of course they knew. They published it anyway. 

In the same way, everyone shrugs when you ask if voters knew about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Erick Erickson claimedGreene “got elected because no one had knowledge about her.”

I know because I am literally the only voice across the five media markets in her district, openly told listeners they’d regret voting for her, and never once had any of the opposition research shared with me.

If radio was the only way to get news, Erick would be right. But as far back as last summer, when neurosurgeon, Trump friendly, 2A supporting Republican John Cowan faced Greene in a runoff, Politico published a piece that exposed some of Greene’s racist remarks, referring to George Soros as a “Nazi.” Greene’s affinity for QAnon conspiracies was well known and covered by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Georgia Rep. Jody Hice, a prominent Trump supporter, withdrew his endorsement in June, the AJC reported.

Hice’s statement is significant because the caucus, which represents the House’s most conservative members, helped recruit Greene to run for this seat and has poured nearly $200,000 into her campaign.

In another article, the newspaper noted:

Politico said it reviewed videos where Greene made anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic remarks. In another video, Greene reportedly said racial disparities don’t exist in America. “Guess what? Slavery is over,” she is quoted as saying. “Black people have equal rights.”

The entire GOP drew back from Greene as radioactive. But President Trump embraced her. Last Saturday, NPR reported that Greene vowed to “never back down.”

“Every attack. Every lie. Every smear strengthens my base of support at home and across the country because people know the truth and are fed up with the lies,” Greene wrote, blaming “cancel culture” and urging the GOP to stand in solidarity. “If Republicans cower to the mob,” she said, they would be “opening the door to let the vicious cancel culture mob take out every one of you.”

On Saturday, Greene said she had a “GREAT” phone call with her “all time favorite POTUS,” Donald Trump. “The blood thirsty media and the socialists hate America Democrats are attacking me now just like they always attack President Trump,” Greene said, adding: “I will never back down.”

Though the AJC said last summer that Cowan was gaining steam, and Erickson noted that voters would “regret” electing Greene, I don’t think anyone in the 14th CD regrets it. In fact, I think they rather enjoyed electing Greene over Cowan.

In today’s gamification culture, the voters in Gordon County and northwest Georgia look exactly like the “wallstreetbets” Redditors who are sticking it to institutional investors. Except they’re sticking it to institutional government and media.

I think Greene got elected, not because voters didn’t know she made anti-Semitic remarks—though I’ll admit that the space lasers and Rothschild family stuff wasn’t front and center—but because she represented a huge middle finger to the educated elites who wanted them to vote for a neurosurgeon.

Like all of politics, extreme nutcases are used by their party to energize a certain segment of the base, and then the party backs away in horror claiming they didn’t know about specific batty statements when those things bubble to the surface. The Democrats do it too, with Rep. Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Maxine Waters.

All of the stuff that Democrats throw out about Greene and her QAnon nonsense is simply a distraction to keep the media talking about stuff that’s been old news since last summer. They want to distract everyone from the fact that President Joe Biden is reigning like a king, proclaiming, without a single plan to create a single job, that pipeline workers and others in the energy business simply need to pack up and move, and learn how to build wind turbines.

As bad as Greene is (and in my opinion she’s right up there in badness with Rep. Omar), House Democrats know that one day soon, the dog poop shoe will be on their foot, falling from closets loaded with shoes that have stepped in filth for years. I predict this will blow over, as the “unity” administration of lyin’ Joe Biden presses forward into its glorious Obama-engineered future.

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