DELUSIONAL: AOC Says Many Americans Prefer ‘Public, Socially Owned Housing’ to Private Homes

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a strange Twitter rant this week where she claimed many Americans would choose “public, socially owned, or cooperative housing” compared to private apartments and homes.

“If public, socially owned, or cooperative housing was widely available, many would choose that over being held hostage by a private equity co charging 60% of your $ for a small apt. Or you’d choose to buy a home if it wasn’t being gobbled up by those same co’s capturing the mkt,” posted AOC.

“Your medicine would be much, much cheaper if the billions in PUBLICLY funded research and development of treatments were treated like public investments requiring a return rather than multi-billion giveaways to big pharma once a cure is developed. And so on and so forth,” explained the Congresswoman.

Read her full rant above.