DEFUND COLLAPSING: ‘Everybody Having Buyer’s Remorse,’ Officers Wanted Back in Schools

It was a leftist dream —and a terrible idea.

According to Fox News, nearly two years after calls to defund our nation’s police departments, a whole lot of people —especially in big, blue cities —are charging their tunes.

“I think what you’re seeing and the reaction from these school districts is exactly what we’re seeing in almost every major city in this country: Everybody’s having buyer’s remorse for defunding the police,” Fraternal Order of Police National Vice President Joe Gamaldi told Fox News Digital on Monday. 

“We had 16 American cities last year have their highest murder rates in recorded history, and now people are quickly backtracking and realizing that police officers provide safety in our communities,” he added.

For example, Montgomery County, Maryland decided not to have officers patrol the hallways of its schools for the first time since 2002, instead opting for “community engagement officers.”

“In the first four months of class, a staggering 1,688 911 calls were made. All in all, there have been 102 sex assaults, 87 assaults, 82 school threats, 76 controlled substance incidents, 57 weapon-related incidents, 57 conflicts, 35 mental health incidents, 28 property crimes and four robberies between August and February in the schools,” 7News reported.

“The president of the Fraternal Order of Police National, Patrick Yoes, told Fox News Digital that school resource officers primarily serve these jobs: providing safety and security within schools, ‘tearing down walls, building relationships with kids,’ and “law-related education.’” 

Yoes says having police officers in schools for safety  is “natural.”

“I worked 36 years in law enforcement, and of that 36 years, I served as a resource officer at a high school in Louisiana. And I will tell you that bar none, it was the best job I’ve ever had because I went to work each day feeling like I was actually doing something and I could feel that I was having an impact,” Yoes said.