De$antis: Florida Gov Rakes in Big Bucks, Beats Trump in Fundraising

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is raising big bucks, fueling rumors that he has his eyes on a 2024 White House bid; he’s even outraising former President Donald Trump, who is also rumored to run.

From The Daily Wire:

Trump’s fundraising slowed during the first half of 2022 to only $36 million, the first six-month period since leaving office where he failed to raise $50 million during that span of time.

DeSantis raised $45 million during the same period of time, $9 million more than the former president. In April, DeSantis had already raised more than $100 million for his re-election effort in Florida, which CNN noted might have made him perhaps the first gubernatorial candidate in history “to reach the nine-figure milestone solely through donations.”

DeSantis has a war chest of $130 million —unprecedented for a governor.

Former Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker says DeSantis may be the one to beat.

“The name I hear most frequently talking to people is Ron DeSantis,” Walker said. “What they said to me all the time is, they feel like DeSantis has the kind of guts, the same kind of backbone as Trump, but is the newer, younger, fresher version. That’s what I hear repeatedly.”

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