DE BLASIO 2? NYC Mayor Says City Heading in the Right Direction as Crime Surges 43%

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was grilled by 60 Minutes this week after new data showed crime in the Big Apple surging by 43%; saying that spike in violence doesn’t necessarily mean the town is heading in the wrong direction.

“We’ve moved 1,800 guns off the streets of our city since I’ve been elected, 1,800,” he claimed. “And so, we’re putting in place the foundation of dealing with the immediate needs of violence, but we’re also stopping the pipeline that causes children to get involved in violence.”

“To the left,” he clarified. “There is a middle ground. We only talk about, ‘How do we protect the rights of those who commit a crime?’ How about start talking about, ‘How do we protect the rights of people who are doing the right thing?’”

“Because if you wake up in the morning, and you hear that someone was hit in the head with a hammer, then you are, number one, reluctant to get on the subway system,” Adams said. “And then if you’re on the subway system, and you’re seeing disorder, encampments, people laid out on the train, loud noises … or cursing, then you begin to actually embody what you read, and it becomes your perception, even if you were not attacked.”