CRUZ MOVES: Ted Says Cuba a ‘Good Lesson for the Radical Left’

The Washington Times and Ted Cruz agree: the radical left could learn a few things from the ongoing protests in Cuba.

According to The Washington Times, “the Biden administration’s response to the historic protests has been muted — socialism, after all, appears to be the end goal for an influential segment of the Democratic party. It wasn’t too long ago when Sen. Bernie Sanders praised Fidel Castro, the dictator, who ‘educated [Cuban] kids, gave their kids health care, totally transformed the society’.”

Meanwhile, Cubans are fleeing the island in record numbers. The U.S. Coast Guard has seized more than 500 Cubans at sea since October.

“Government-run stores sell overpriced items in currencies the Cuban people don’t possess. Hospitals lack beds, stretchers, medication, and in some cases, running water. Scabies — a skin disease that can be easily treated with an antibiotic — has infested the island because drugs are not readily available,’ The Washington Times reports.

Not exactly paradise.