CRUZ MOVES: Ted Blasts Biden’s DOJ for Being Soft on China After Cyber-Attacks

The Senator says “extreme threats” have been met with “extreme weakness.”

According to The Daily Wire, “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) left President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice silent this week when he pressed them about why the administration has not sanctioned communist China for repeated cyberattacks against the United States.”

“China has repeatedly used ransomware and cyber-attacks to harm America,” Cruz said. “Not only has it attacked pipelines in an effort to cause physical damage, but just this year, hackers affiliated with the Chinese government attacked tens of thousands of computers across tens of thousands of organizations, including a significant number of small businesses, towns, cities, and local governments. Once again, unfortunately, the Biden administration responded to extreme threats with extreme weakness.”

“The Biden administration has not imposed any sanctions on China. Instead, the administration announced that it is dropping criminal cases against five Chinese scientists who, with the help of consular officials, hid their affiliations with China’s military in order to infiltrate our nation,” Cruz continued.

After Cruz decimated the DOJ for ineptitude and inaction, the room fell silent. No response.