CRUZ MISSILE: Ted Torches Top Dems, Points Out Most Disagree With ‘Radical’ Abortion View

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) played the role of Ghost of Christmas Past during Tuesday afternoon’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on abortion; the Lone Star State Senator dropped quotes from Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and Dick Durbin illustrating their negative feelings towards abortion.

“Today’s modern Democrat Party has become radicalized on abortion. Today’s Democrat Party has said if you are Democrat and pro-life, get the hell out you are not welcomed in our party,” he said.

 Cruz continued: “unlimited abortion on demand up until the moment of birth, including partial-birth abortion with government funding, with no parental notifications and no parental consent, is supported by only a tiny minority of Americans.”

“They know that voters, when given the chance, do not support that radical view,” he added.

“When Roe v. Wade was first decided, one Democrat who spoke up against it was a fella named Joseph Robinette Biden [Jr.],” Cruz said.

In 1974, Biden said he “didn’t like” the Supreme Court’s view on legalizing abortion, saying the decision “went too far.”

Watch the clip below: