CRT? NOT FOR ME! Florida School Fights Back, Bans CRT, Gender Fluidity, and More

The Center Academy, a private school in Miami, Florida, has instituted an official policy banning CRT, gender fluidity, and more. They made a public statement on their website:

Instead of teaching students what to think, we teach them how to think. 

As our world continues to shift rapidly, we have now found ourselves in a time of more controlled messaging from the media and unprecedented censorship in the United States. The repeated messaging from the media shapes cultural norms and the way we view social and cultural issues. Rather than jump on board with the mass media’s storyline, we challenge our students to question, research, analyze and consider issues from multiple perspectives before coming to their own conclusions. 

For these reasons, as a school, we do not subscribe to or promote Critical Race Theory, Gender Fluidity, or the mainstream narrative surrounding Covid, all hot topics that many schools are now choosing to teach as factual rather than as the theories they are.

“The school’s rejection of critical race theory comes as many states have moved to ban the curriculum from public schools, with 32 states introducing some form of legislation aimed at limiting critical race theory’s inclusion in lessons. Thirteen states have so far successfully banned critical race theory curriculum in their public schools,” the New York Post reports.

Read the full report over at The New York Post: