CRT BEFORE ABC: School Reading List Shows NYC’s Push for LGBTQ+ Curriculum to Young Kids

A new reading list endorsed by the New York City School District -the largest in America- shows a push for LGBTQ+ curriculum and other “social justice” agendas.

From Fox News:

New York City has a series of books in its Mosaic Independent Reading Collection that focuses on teaching children as young as first grade and Kindergarten about LGBTQ+ and other left-wing issues, Fox News Digital has learned. 

The reading lists, which include titles on Greta Thunberg and Elizabeth Warren, were created by the NYC Department of Education Library services, according to the TeachingBooks website. The page can only be accessed internally through the DOE’s official login for students and teachers. 

Brooklyn parent leader, Vito Labella, told Fox News Digital that he frequently gets calls from concerned parents who are worried about transgender and critical race theory-derived curricula being taught to their young children. Fox News Digital reached out to the DOE about the educational materials but did not receive a response. 

The List Includes:

Kindergarten: ‘Our Skin: A Conversation About Race’

First Grade: ‘I’m not a Girl: A Transgender Story’

Second Grade: Pride – The Story of the Rainbow Flag’