CRABBY KARINE: Biden Spox Snaps Over Classified Doc Drama Question

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is has her work cut out for her, as she attempts to spin the news that yet another batch of classified documents have been found in a private office used by Joe Biden. During today’s White House Press Briefing, Jean-Pierre got into a contentious exchange with a reporter pressing her on why the White House didn’t notify the press earlier about the mishandled documents.

Watch the contentious exchange below:

After initially dodging the question about Biden’s classified documents, a reporter told the White House Press Secretary, “we’re going to ask [these questions] because that’s our job.”

“And my job is to answer your questions,” Karine fired back at the reporter. “So here we go, let’s go.”

The exchange goes on for a few more moments, with Jean-Pierre adding “We don’t need to have this kind of confrontation–ask your question and I will answer them the best I can.”

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