COURT JESTER: Biden Loses More Court Cases, Vax Mandate Halted for Federal Contractors

The Biden administration can’t get a win.

According to the Hill, two new rulings by two separate federal judges will halt parts of Biden’s vaccination mandates for workers.

“One ruling, issued by a Louisiana-based federal judge, effectively blocked a vaccine mandate for health workers across the country at hospitals that receive federal funding,” the Hill reports.

“A second ruling, by a Kentucky-based federal judge, paused the administration’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.”

That’s three losses this week, as the Biden mandate continues to get tangled up in court. More than a dozen states will be affected by the latest rulings.

“We are pleased that the court made a sensible decision and sided with individual freedoms for health care workers,” West Virgina AG Patrick Morrisey said in a statement. “Our group has successfully stopped this mandate from taking effect for the time being, and we believe the mandate will be struck down permanently moving forward.”