COTTON CRUSHES BIDEN: ‘450K for Illegal Migrants!? We Only Give 100K to Soldiers Killed in the Line of Duty.’

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) thinks checks for illegal migrants is a terrible idea – and Republicans are going to hit the Biden administration hard on the issue.

“There is just astonishment that our border is still totally wide open. Honestly, it’s only going to get more wide open if we give these kinds of payments to illegal migrants,” Cotton Said.

“Isn’t it funny that they can’t find the illegals to deport them, but they can find them to give them half-million-dollar checks?” Cotton added.

“Where [are] the reparations for families who have lost a loved one due to illegal immigrant crime?” Cotton said. “Where are the reparations for families who have lost a loved one due to a drug overdose from drugs that came in from Mexico? How can the Biden administration spend more than four times the money that we spend on our dead soldiers to pay reparations to illegal aliens? It’s just — they’re crazed, blinkered ideologues.”

“It was funny to watch Joe Biden’s evolution, if you will, on this question,” Cotton said. “I’ve been saying this about him. He’s been around politics for 50 years or so, so when he was asked at a press conference about these payments to illegal migrants, he could immediately sense it. This is radioactively unpopular.”

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