CONSPIRACY THEORY: Joy Behar Blames REPUBLICANS for Alec Baldwin Prosecution

Co-host of ABC’s The View Joy Behar is offering up a new conspiracy theory to explain Alec Baldwin’s prosecution for involuntary manslaughter in New Mexico: it’s Republicans fault. Baldwin was charged with involuntary manslaughter on Thursday for his role in the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his film ‘Rust.’

Watch Joy Behar spin her conspiracy theory below:

“Also, you know, the DA who is indicting him, or whatever the legal term is right now, she’s a big Republican,” Behar told her co-hosts. “I’m only saying this because Alec Baldwin is a target for Republicans. They can’t stand him. I’m not saying anything more than that.”

Later in the program, Behar was forced to issue a correction. “Clarification on something I said last segment. It’s the special prosecutor who’s now the Republican politician in New Mexico, and not the current DA. I get them mixed up sometimes. So, sue me.”