COMRADE KAMALA: Veep Set to Attend Inauguration of Socialist, Anti-Semitic Honduran Administration

As close as Kamala comes to visiting the border, these days…

According to reports from Fox news, Vice President Kamala Harris is set to attend the inauguration of Honduran President-elect Xiomara Castro —a socialist with anti-semitic ties.

“Castro is the first leader in the history of Honduras — a rather conservative nation — to be elected on a socialist platform and will also be the first woman to hold the role,” Fox reports.

“Also raising eyebrows is Castro’s husband, former Honduran President Mel Zelaya, a wealthy landowner in the country who was deposed from his presidency by a military coup in 2009.”

Castro’s Vice President-elect Salvador Nasralla also has a few dark marks on his record, having made anti-semitic remarks about Jews and Israel. “In 2020, Nasralla claimed that outgoing Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández’s ‘boss is the government of Israel’ and said in a debate that Jews control the global money supply,” Fox reports.