COMMIE CHAMELEON: AOC Wears ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress at $30,000 Per Ticket Met Gala

Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may not realize the hypocrisy in attending a $30,000+ event while wearing a “Tax the Rich” dress, but others do.

AOC tweeted a preview of her dress saying, “Proud to work with @aurorajames as a sustainably focused, Black woman immigrant designer who went from starting her dream @brothervellies at a flea market in Brooklyn to winning the @cfda against all odds- and then work together to kick open the doors at the Met. The Time is now for childcare, healthcare, and climate action for all. Tax the Rich.”

Ted Cruz pointed out the obvious, tweeting “Cost per Ticket: $30,000. Virtue signaling to your base while partying—without a mask—with the people you claim to hate: Priceless.”

Actor Michael Rappaport also couldn’t believe the tone-deafness of AOCs message.

“Custom TAX THE RICH dress while at the most elitist event in the world,” Rappaport posted on Instagram.“@AOC will soon be rich with a ginormous production deal from somewhere & done with Politics, guarantee it. Stop treating ANY of these people like celebrities they are public servants and work for us.” 

Donald Trump Jr. had a question for his Twitter followers:

“What makes @AOC a bigger fraud: The “tax the rich dress” while she’s hanging out with a bunch of wealthy leftwing elites or the lack of masks after spending the past 18 months as one of the biggest authoritarian mask Karens in the country?”