COME SAIL AWAY: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Considering Housing Migrants on Cruise Ships

NYC is at capacity —but Mayor Eric Adams has an idea.

According to a report from The Daily Wire, Adams is looking into the possibility of housing illegal migrants on cruise ships after they are sent from the southern border.

Adams dropped the news while speaking on WCBS’s The Point with Marcia Kramer on Sunday.

“[W]e examined everything from the legality of using any type of cruise ship for temporary housing. We’re looking at everything to see, how do we deal with this?” Adams told Kramer.

“I want to pursue this thing about the cruise ships. Is that really a possibility that you might be able to do that?” Kramer asked.

“We’re looking at that,” Adams responded.

“We are predicted with the influx of opening, probably, 38 additional emergency shelters. So we have to find temporary measures to address this issue,” he later added.

Watch the exchange below: