COME ON IN: Watch Biden’s Feds Open Private Gate for Migrants after Texas Nat’l Guard Had It Locked Up

Shocking video footage has emerged of Biden’s border patrol opening up a private gate to allow migrants into the country after the Texas National Guard locked the gate in an attempt to keep them out.

The footage was shared by Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin on Twitter.

“For the first time, we witnessed the TX National Guard close & lock a gate on private property at a major crossing area in Eagle Pass, denying entry to migrants who just crossed illegally & expected to be let in,” Melugin tweeted. “Border Patrol then came w/ a key & let them in for processing.”

Watch the footage below

“This was the moment Border Patrol arrived with the key and let the migrants in. The landowner allows both TX DPS/National Guard and Border Patrol to work here. The gate has always been left open in the past. TX is now closing it, & migrants have to wait for Border Patrol to be let in,” Melugin reported.

“Border Patrol opening gates etc to allow migrants in is not new,” Melugin added. “They have to process migrants on U.S. soil per federal law. What’s new is TX is now closing the gate & denying entry at this major crossing location. Always open in months past, including this video I shot in May.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott called the footage “unbelievable.”