COLD-HEARTED JOE: President Biden Publicly Shuns His Granddaughter

President Joe Biden recently made a public appearance where he discussed his family and the number of grandchildren he has. During the event, he told the audience that he had six grandchildren. However, the President actually has seven grandchildren, one of whom, four-year-old Navy Joan Roberts, he refuses to acknowledge.

Watch Biden’s cold-hearted comments below:

“I have six grandchildren, and I’m crazy about them,” Biden told an audience at the White House.

Well…not all of them.

Biden’s youngest granddaughter is the daughter of Hunter Biden and former stripper Lunden Roberts. The Biden family has continuously shunned the child.

President Biden’s public statement comes as Hunter Biden faces a court battle with Lunden Roberts over paternity support for their child. According to the, Hunter Biden will need to face his baby mama in court if he wants to slash the amount of support he is providing for his four-year-old daughter.

President Biden’s comments about his grandchildren have highlighted the ongoing controversy surrounding the Biden family and their treatment of Navy Joan Roberts. While the President has not commented directly on the situation, many are questioning whether the family’s actions are in line with their supposed values and beliefs.