CLIMATE CRAZY! AOC Reintroduces $93 TRILLION Bill to Fight Global Warming

Far-Left Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats reintroduced their ‘Green New Deal’ in Congress this week; legislation that economists say will cost up to $92.9 trillion to fully implement.

“When we first introduced the Green New Deal, we were told that our vision for the future was too aspirational,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Four years later, we see core tenets of the Green New Deal reflected in the Inflation Reduction Act — the largest ever federal investment in fighting climate change, with a focus on creating good, green jobs.” 

“But there is still much, much more to do to make environmental justice the center of U.S. climate policy,” she continued. “Today’s reintroduction marks the beginning of that process — of strengthening and broadening our coalition, and of laying the policy groundwork for the next fight.”

“In the four years since we first introduced the Green New Deal, the tides of our movement have risen and lifted climate action to the top of the national agenda,” Senator Ed Markey said in a statement.