CLAY & BUCK: The Left in Full-Blown Delta Panic

Masks are back on everyone’s mind – and faces. C & B spend a little airtime discussing the Delta variant and how it’s sending Dems into a full-blown panic.

CLAY: This is all growing out of the — I would say — panic from the Delta variant, and that panic is expressed by Jim Cramer on CNBC. Here’s what he said.

CRAMER: Starbucks, which is getting crushed, on a good quarter by the way. Kevin Johnson has been talking about the Great Reopening and human connection. Well, what happens if it’s the Great Reclose? I mean, in order to be able to get to herd immunity in this country, we’re going to have to have 100 million people get Covid. With the way that this Delta variant goes, 100 million could be very quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a hundred million people sick in nine weeks.

BUCK: I mean, is it possible to say something that’s too stupid so that people get embarrassed, Clay?

CLAY: I will say this. I give him credit, at least, for talking about the fact that people do get covid. (chuckles) Because it’s like natural immunity doesn’t exist in any conversation, that you hear in the media. It’s all about the vaccine rate. Who is getting vaccinated, who is not, and nobody talks about the reality, which is about 100 million people — a reasonable estimate that’s probably too low.Listen to the full segment:

Left in Full-Blown Delta Panic