CLAY & BUCK: Taliban Tells Biden to Go Pound Sand


BUCK: Here’s from the Associated Press: “Biden Decides to Stick with the August 31st Final Pullout from Kabul.” You might think to yourself, “Well, hold on a second. Why would Biden do that? I mean, he must have come up with some new, ingenious plan to get greater efficiency out of the evacuation flights they’re running.

“Maybe they have some secret contingency, Operation XYZ, that they’re now instituting that’s gonna get people out even faster.” You might think that because of the way the stories are posed here. But that’s actually not what’s happening. There’s also reporting on how the CIA director, William Burns, met with Mullah Baradar, the head of the Taliban, and asked, “Hey, can we have an extension?” So on behalf of the Biden administration, Clay, there’s a request for an extension for the evacuation for what people are calling Biden’s Dunkirk, which it does certainly feel a lot like that.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: And the Taliban said “no.” And now the compliant media is reporting on this as though the Biden administration made this decision. This is like someone who gets fired saying, “You can’t fire me. I’ve already quit.” That’s not how it works.

CLAY: Are you suggesting, Buck Sexton, that our strongly worded letter to the Taliban letting them know that if they didn’t play nice, that there were gonna be significant U.N. consequences did not make the Taliban actually play nice? This is embarrassing. This is a complete failure, an abrogation of leadership by Joe Biden.

And the rule used to be “we don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Now, we are not only negotiating with terrorists, Buck, we are allowing the terrorists to dictate terms to us. This is humiliating, and if Joe Biden had a spine or a functional military that had a spine, this would not be happening.

BUCK: I think the Taliban understands U.S. politics on this issue pretty well, and they realize that the last thing Joe Biden wants to have to do is go on TV and say, “We are reopening major hostilities against the Taliban because we’ve suffered” —

CLAY: You’re right.

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