CLAY & BUCK: Santa Claus Wins, Bloated Budget Passes


CLAY: The budget is underway. It’s $3.5 trillion, and the infrastructure bill snowed under. We would have spent a lot of time talking about this as well, passed in the Senate 69-30. So 19 different Republican senators ended up supporting the Joe Biden-driven infrastructure bill.

BUCK: There’s not enough political will to fight against Santa Claus. When the goody bag of federal spending is opened up, even Republicans decide, “You know what? I might as well get some if everyone’s getting some,” and very few are willing to say the long-term projections about what it will mean for our economy. Not even that long term, by the way. I mean, inflation is already kicking in now.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: And the thing about inflation you look at historically, when it starts to happen, the government always says, “Oh, it’s not gonna be that bad,” and then it tends to get a lot worse and then it reaches the point where they say, “Wow. We’re not actually particularly good at trying to control or handle this. Let’s just hope for the best.”

I’m very concerned about that. But right now there’s not the political will nor are there the votes. The truest thing that Obama ever said or is credited with saying is, “Elections have consequences,” and, Clay, I hate to be that guy but we needed to win one of those two Georgia Senate seats.

CLAY: Yeah, that’s what’s so frustrating about this is it’s not even the presidential election, right? Which is frustrating in its own right, but then you got double Senate races in Georgia. All you have to do is win one out of those two and… Just think about trillions of dollars less are going to be spent. People talking about how much Senate campaigns cost and how much electoral races end up costing. That race, those two races in Georgia — in terms of money being spent, tax increases being passed, all of that — had trillions of dollars at stake, and Republicans lost both.Listen to Full Segment: Santa Claus Wins, Bloated Budget Passes